My name is Je’Tay Montagne. I’m eighteen years old and I live in Kansas. I’m 5’10.I have two rare disease dermatomyositis (which is a form of muscular dystrophy) and spherocytosis. My mother is white, french, and irish. and my father is black and native american. my native tribe is the santee souix tribe. as of right now i’m going to school to be a graphic designer but that’s just something to have as a back up my real dream is to be a tattoo artist. My ears are stretched to one inch and i have my monroe and industrial pierced as well. and last but not least my boobs. my boobs are real. i wear a size 34-DD. so yea basic info that people keep asking. 

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  1. caitl-n said: oh my god we’re the same height and our boobs are approximately the same size. wat.
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